National Team for 2015 - KLTS Junior Development Team

USA Cycling Junior Nationals 2015 in Lake Tahoe

The KLTS Junior Cycling Team had a great time at USA Cycling Junior Nationals. Etzael Godinez took 10 in the Time Trial, Road Race 7th, and 9th in the Criterium. Erik Castillo took 21 st in the Road Race. Nikolas Lovegren took 36th in the Time Trial, 35th in the Road Race. Emma Lovegren took […]

Junior Cycling Program - KLTS Junior Cycling Development Program

USA Cycling Junior Nationals 2015

KLTS Junior Cycling Team Heading to USA Cycling Junior Nationals We are proud to announce we are sending 4 juniors to USA Cycling Nationals. Emma, Etzael, Nikolas, and Erik will be heading to Lake Tahoe in June.