Sponsor The KLTS Junior Development Cycling Team

In a 1984 interview, founder of the International Olympic Committee Pierre de Coubertin stated “the important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part…and to spread these principles is to build up a strong and more valiant and, above all, more scrupulous and more generous humanity.” While the skill level and training of an athlete is important, the principles and lessons learned throughout an athlete’s career are just as vital. Our Kinetic Loop Training System (KLTS) Junior Cycling Foundation uses cycling as a vehicle to promote and instill the importance of athletics, academics, and community in at risk and underprivileged youth.

We hope the lessons learned will in turn allow these same kids to become positive role models in their community and in the sport of cycling overall. However as a nonprofit organization, we can only achieve this goal through the assistance and generous donations provided by members of our community. We depend on the generosity and support from people, like you, who believe in what we are doing but also desire to see our program succeed and grow.

Our Mission: Promote the sport of junior cycling and helping at risk and underprivileged youth achieve their goals, while also encouraging them to become positive role models in the sport of cycling.

As with most major sports, cycling is expensive, and building a junior cycling team requires funds to purchase equipment, uniforms, protective gear, licenses, and race entrance fees. Due to these expenses, KLTS Junior Cycling Foundation is seeking contributions from sponsors who believe in our missions and wish to contribute financial support. The KLTS Junior Cycling Foundation will gladly accept any financial support to help us achieve our mission.

We have four levels of sponsorship:

  • Level 1 Sponsorship $400 to put your logo on the pocket of the Jersey
  • Level 2 Sponsorship $1000 to put your logo on the shoulder of the jersey
  • Level 3 Sponsorship $3000 and up and your logo will be placed on the front of the jersey
  • Level 4 Sponsorship $20,000 and up and your logo will be placed on the front of the jersey as title sponsor

What we offer our sponsors: Based on the different tier levels of sponsorship and donations, sponsors will receive excellent exposure opportunities from our junior program during a variety of events such as training rides, charity rides, and USA Cycling Road and Mountain events including USA National Events. Sponsors will benefit from having their logo placed on our team jersey, our official website, official social media channels, and in podium photos.

Thank you in advance for your support, and for your consideration.