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San Dimas Stage Race


KLTS Juniors at San Dimas Stage Race

Stage 1 Uphill Time Trial 4.25 miles

Javier finished the time trial with a 21 mins and 12 seconds. The best time of the day for the Category 3’s was 16 mins and 1 second. Nikolas raced the Junior 15-16’s and finished the time trial with 20 mins and 41 seconds. The 15-16’s best time was 16 mins and 32 seconds.

Nikolas Time Trial take off

Stage 2 San Dimas Road Race

Javier finished the road race in 2 hrs and 27 mins in 58th place. Nikolas finished the road race in 35th. There was a 6 man breakaway in the junior field that stay away after 2 the 2nd lap.

Stage 3 San Dimas Criterium

Nikolas finished the crit 21st place. Javier was pulled with 2 laps to go. He tried had and attacked too much during the crit.

GC Results

Javier finished in 56 place overall. While Nikolas finished 33rd overall.