Michael Lovegren USA Cycling Coach

Michael Lovegren MS USA Level 1 Cycling Coach

Michael has over 15 years experience in the field of exercise science. As a gifted performance coach he has helped athletes and life athletes achieve their goals. He has dedicated the majority of his life studying athletic excellence and combines physiological assessments, functional training, cutting edge technologies with a motivational program and plan that rapidly enhances athletes hard work and training. He personally researches new ideas and technologies that promote athletic performance.

“The first rule of achieving your goal – know what you want. When you drop a pebble into a pool of water, the pebble starts a series of ripples that expand until they encompass the whole pool. This is exactly what will happen when I give my ideas a definitive plan of action” Bruce Lee

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(Jim Lehman, Mike Lovegren, Dean Golich, Craig Griffin)

“Jim, Dean, and Craig are the most amazing coaches I had the pleasure to work with. Everyday I learned something new from them.”

Quote from Mike “I feel blessed with the opportunities given to me. I have worked with wonderful people all over the world. I learned a lot by being mentored by great coaches. I understand as a coach we must continue to learn and strive for greatness.”

Michael owns Kinetic Loop Training System LLC and coaches endurance athletes around the world. He created the Bespoke Bike Fit System his own Trademark. In 2014 started the Kinetic Loop Training System Junior Cycling Foundation to helps kids

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Published Research

Effects of Oolong Tea on Balance Performance on Naïve tea users conducted with Dr. Ben Zhou published JEP Online October 2007
Rolling the Hot Spots Foam rolling for Power Systems Equipment Rolling the Hot Spots published 2005
Foam Rolling for runner in Men’s Health September 2006 Issue
Frailty Project Functional Training for Baby Boomers reduce the risk of Falls
Impact of Biomechanics on Cycling(Bike Fit Thesis) Published 2008
Founder of the Perfect Fitness and Perfect Fitness Plus App for Apple and Windows Phone Products

Conferences Attended

Attended Functional Training Summit Conference (Long Beach, CA ) 2010
 Functional Movement Screen with Gray Cook (Houston Texas,) 2010
Functional Movement Conference with Gray Cook August 25, 2011
Attended Functional Training Summit Conference and Pre Conference August 25 thru 28 (Long Beach, CA )
Attended Cooper Institute Law Enforcement Specialists September 2013 (Dallas, Texas )
Attended Cooper Institute Law Enforcement Specialists September 2013 (Dallas, Texas )
USA Level 1 in Colorado Springs, Co 2013